Who are we

Shri. Anil Aapgonda Patil Shri. Sumit Anil Chougule
Chairman Vice Chairman
Shri. Tukaram. D. Patil  
Ass.General Manager  


Director Body
Current Director Body Director Body before Sept. 2017
Shri. Sujay Parshwanath Hosmani Shri. Arun Popatlal Maniyar
Shri. Shrikant Vasantrao Nagavekar (Malkapur) Shri. Vilas Kuber Mirje
Shri. Pravin Sarjerao Patil (Hupari) Shri. Subash Bapuso Aavte
Shri. Amarnath Babanrao Gathade (Peth Vadgaon) Shri. Vilas Shrimandhar Chavan
Shri. Abhijeet Arun Maniyar Shri. Bapuso Shripal Mithari
Shri. Arun Manohar Bahirsheth Sou. Netra Abhay Shete
Shri. Bajirao Tukaram Ravan  
Sou. Vidya Vitthal Sargar  
Sou. Manisha Avinash Kulkarni




Chairman Shri Anil Patil reveals his heart as he looks work on the society tiny, its small, size and limited scope when the all time genius and brilliant Shri Subashanna chougule. He is an industrialist and started this society in his own small shop.

The Chairman’s heart swells with pride and deep profound gratitude as he surveys the society today its wide scope, its high aims and extra ordinary events ever soaring were stopping ever scaling helper and still higher stories.

To help the needy and the poor and thus uplifting them, establishing them socially, economically was the aim of Shri Subashanna Chougule when he started the society in his own small shop. Very soon, however as the business thickened and its scope wideness he started looking for a piece of land where he comes have an independent building of his own for the office of the society.

Presetting for time suited an Shri Subashanna and he purchased a plot in the Vyapari Peth   and who wander a sprightly and say smart building stood up as shown in the picture below.A thanks is the perfect planning and perfect execution of Shri Pramod Kulkarni, Architect Engineer.

As a result the deposits doubled and tripled within low time. This was done & the all time trust worthiness of the Chougule Group the arrangement hundreds of well wishes and honest the hard working devoted staff.

Impressive impair declaration is and the colorful feather in the cap of the society. A man Kesarkar from Mumbai the internationally acknowledged genius of a impair design & decorated come to help and the beautiful “ARTH-MANDIR” came into existence & became the apple of everybody’s eye. Needless to say the “ARTH-MANDIR” has became on eye catcher forever. It is an ultra modern constructed thoroughly computerized and well equipped with all modern facilities.

Efficient Establishment

The General Manager Shri. M. S. Patil has a solid and through grounding in the co-operative movement as well as a popular understanding the economic bar is of the movement. He also know the technique of the customer based services to be rendered. Today he has under him a staff of 115 able persons schemes like gravity and prominent fund have been successfully implemented and having loans and loans for vehicles @ 9 % are other signal facilities provided for the workers as encouraging incentives. A new history has been accepted by providing LUNCH for the staff.

Social Obligation

Inspired by high spirit of social sunrise we undertake blood donates camps every year. Economically backward and needy students have been constantly helped to uplift themselves helping Institution like the Helpers of the handicapped, supporting Institutions fighting against AIDS bringing into time light sports men like wrestler Jalindhar made and the well known At Late Balaso Nikam prove. The deep faith we hace in social service and our eagerness and help the poor and the needy in the society for their upliftment.

Needless to say we have been giving top priority and guarding the interests of our members and share holders without them, where would we have been we feel indebted them for ever with their best wishes and the backing of thousands of our well wishes we are marking ahead conquery new shines blazing with scintillating success.           

Thanks for with us.